Mpho Makwana – Chairman – Eskom Holdings Ltd.

I think PAIR comes at the right time. I recall a few years back, in fact a decade ago, I used to be Chief Executive of one of the global brand-building houses. And we used to toil with this notion of cause-related marketing, where you adopt a good cause and associate your brand with it. Because since the turn of the century, consumers are becoming much more demanding. They’re demanding much more credibility from the corporations whose brands they use or consume.

They demand more credibility from the leaders within those organisations. In the 19th Century, we used to have leaders arguing that the business of business is business, which meant that you are all about making profits and maximising value for shareholders, or perhaps shareowners. And the whole idea of maximising value and goodwill, for both shareowners and for stakeholders, always took the backburner.

And so the promise of an initiative that is going to facilitate meaningful dialogue, meaningful insights around public policy issues in a public/private partnership spirit, is an initiative that is long overdue. And I think we should encourage both Baird’s and the University of Pretoria to steam along with the initiative. And really, we hope that it would bring… I mean, ultimately the benefit is if we can bring the right players around the same table, having dialogue around the same important issues. I think PAIR will have deemed to have added great value.