HIV/Aids case study

Innovative Expansion of Communications Strategy for High-level HIV/AIDs Initiative

Place and period of performance:

Africa, Asia, Europe, USA and Canada 2011

Project background: Baird’s CMC was approached by a large pharma company to help undertake a major revision of their stakeholder relations for a collaborative initiative on HIV treatment. The pharma company felt that they were not thinking broadly enough about their stakeholder network, and that they were reaching out to the same small group of the “usual suspects” for research, awareness-building, and fund-raising. They wanted to expand their stakeholder relations but were not sure how to do this, nor who exactly they should reach out to. Project approach: Baird’s CMC created a two-phase strategy for this project. First, we tapped into our extensive global network of health and development associates to identify the high-level policymakers in the field. We then set up a series of in-depth interviews with these policymakers, running various scenarios for HIV treatment by them. For each treatment scenario, we asked the policymakers to identify the individuals and organisations they thought would be the key influential opinion leaders. The second phase of the strategy involved a multi-stakeholder meeting with clinicians, policymakers, and advocates on how to strategically target the individuals and organisations identified in phase 1. Baird’s CMC worked with the various parties to develop a methodology for prioritising and creatively targeting key stakeholders’ engagements for the next 5-10 years. In this way, we refined and revamped the current communications strategy for the HIV initiative, and also put into place a long-term and innovative plan for stakeholder relations going forward, keeping in mind the various priorities for the HIV initiative (awareness building, fund-raising for research and development, etc.). Project impact: The HIV initiative now has a completely revised stakeholder engagement strategy, and a number of new and important stakeholder groups have been engaged. This has helped the initiative in gaining much better purchase and attraction with key stakeholders in order to achieve its objectives, such as receiving adequate and sustainable funding for HIV research and development. The Baird’s CMC advantage:

  • Based on our deep pharma experience, we were able to deliver a communications strategy with concrete and long-term action points. We understood how critical engagement with relevant stakeholder groups is, enhancing not only the quality but also the output of stakeholder engagements.
  • We leveraged our global health and pharma networks to access high-level policymakers, clinicians, and advocates who specialise in specific issues and markets, harnessing their expertise to create an end product that was useful for the client.
  • Our project management capabilities helped us coordinate the numerous consultants across the world, and deliver the results on time and within budget.