PAIR will initially focus on offering creative solutions to clients in areas as diverse as climate change, health, sustainable development and food security. Baird’s CMC has offered solutions to global clients in these fields in the past.

Recently an international foundation funded a major research programme to examine the links between meeting the unmet need for family planning and climate change mitigation. Baird’s CMC helped this foundation create a strategy to communicate these sensitive findings to different audiences.

While possessing a global network, Africa has been central to Baird’s CMC’s solution offerings. The firm is assisting an emerging African economy in its bid to win a multi-million dollar technology project, emphasising the holistic developmental benefits in awarding the contract to an African nation rather than a developed and technologically advanced counterpart. Baird’s CMC also helped an international charitable foundation communicate research findings to key government officials in a developing African nation on links found between teenage pregnancies and its impact on young women finishing school.

“A collaboration like PAIR has been long overdue and will definitely add value to existing clients, globally and in Africa, in the social development sphere. We are concentrating on Corporate Social Investment opportunities and health and development communication projects – all extremely important in a developing society and a second economy,” says Professor Ronel Rensburg, founding member of CCRM and a key member of PAIR.

As the world shrinks and Africa takes centre stage, the decisive word is opportunity: An opportunity to offer clients creative and innovative solutions, steeped in dedicated research and sprinkled with management street smart; An opportunity to leverage the strengths of the very best of the academic and the business world; An opportunity to PAIR together the depth of an esteemed university, nurturing the best resources Africa has to offer with the breadth of a communications management consultancy with headquarters in South Africa and the U.K with a network spanning five continents. This is an opportunity to make good better.